Friday, September 10, 2010

What to do when your mojo goes AWOL...

Problem: Missing mojo
Solution: Immerse yourself in all the fab New Voices entries. None more so fab than those of my two fab CP's - Rachael Johns & Jackie Ashenden.

But seriously, Its been months since I've written anything, and still waiting on news re my revisions (14 weeks, but hey, who's counting?) and all the great entries thus far in the New Voices comp SHOULD HAVE been a sure fire way to get the creative juices flowing... well I got zip. OK - that's a lie, I have a single paragraph, but it's crapola.

So peeps - please divulge - anyone got tips for how to get the groove back?


  1. Ah it's so hard to get back into. For me making sure I write each day until I get back into the story and stop thinking it's all horrible works. Then I can settle into a more realistic routine with life. It's almost as though you get out of practice you need to take the time to get your fitness back up ;).

  2. Hey there, m'dear, I think Lacey has it right. Practise makes perfect. Get in the saddle, turn off your inner editor, and just write. It doesn't matter what. I think I need to do that myself...

  3. Thanks - you guys are so right, just need to get off by behind and DO something...

  4. Lacey has good advice there! I wish I had some - lol! And i did say something much more witty but it disappeared (seems to be happening wherever i comment today)!! But you know I think its time you email that ed! I wanna know the outcome of your story :)

  5. Rach - I want to and don't want to know!! Hmmm, might give it another week - it'll be just under 16 weeks then...