Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shameless Eye Candy

No insightful or meaningful post here girls.  Nope - if you're looking to learn something - this is not the place for it.  What I do have however is some shameless eye candy... Allow me to introduce my hero Adam Bennett, aka Hugh Dancy:

Now, he is not my original Adam.  My first choice was Eric Dane (Mc Steamy) but after my revisions came through, Adam needed to be younger, about 30ish (he was 35).  Therefore, there was a need for a new hero and even though there are lots of yummy 30 year olds out there, I was totally clueless as to who to choose, until I laid eyes on Hugh.  He fits the bill and he's a hottie!  I still hope I can use Mr Dane sometime in the future. 

What's that I hear?  You don't know who Eric Dane is?  OK - you twisted my arm - here is another piece of eye candy. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teenage crushes - where are they now?

One thing that I neglected to note in my Kreativ Blogger post is my obsession with Jon Bon Jovi. Ask anyone of my friends and family and they will vouch for this. I was nine when I first heard the Bon Jovi anthem 'Livin' on a prayer' and ever since I've been hooked on this glam rock band that in a day and age where nothing lasts, they are a true testament to Darwin's survival of the fittest.

Now, these boys have been around the block and back, and all of them are pushing, if not already surpassed 50, and their lead singer is no exception. Jon is just a month shy (his birthday is March 2nd) of turning 48 and, I think, he still is hotness! Just look at the pics. Big hair pic is circa early 80's and the new one is a promo shot for their new video. I think, like fine wine, JBJ has gotten better with old age.

If I was writing a mills and boon in the eighties, I would definitely have tried to use him as hero inspiration, most probably as a bad boy, self made maverick from the wrong side of the tracks.

So come on - 'fess up, who was you're teenage crush? And could you use him for a hero today?