Monday, November 2, 2009

How to NTAI in Ten Days

For those brave enough to have committed to NaNo - you're already set in to NTAI, but for the rest of us who have a sub out there/entered the Presents comp here are some suggestions:

Day One - Get a pedi/mani or even better - both. Come on you KNOW you want to!
Day Two - Get a massage (could have done it on day one, but why rush things?)
Day Three - Have a loooooooong lunch with a friend or two. And have a glass of wine or two, or three...
Day Four - Give the VISA/MasterCard a work out and DON'T feel bad about it, after all, its all in the name of earning frequent flyer points right?
Day Five - ???

OK - I could only come up with four suggestions. So tell me, how are you NTAI?