Monday, August 31, 2009

Back on the bench and on the fence

Last Friday I sent off baby number two into the abyss, which can only mean one thing....Back on the NTAI bench (many thanks to Jackie for coining this reference).

So, I guess the best way to adhere to NTAI would be to start my brand spanking shiny new project. But I have uno problemo....

I have two ideas floating, two heroines cast, (having some issues with my hero's, but that's another post altogether) and on the fence regarding which idea to go with. Do I tell Claire's story - A girl that falls in love with a rogue of a hero after he takes her to a football match? Or do I tell Abby's, the prodigal daughter - Ambitious, strong willed and clashes with our hero from the very first line on the page?

Funny enough my two heroines come from my latest fave show on TV - Packed To The Rafters (did I mention its my fave show??) Here are my two beautiful heroine's: Claire (Jessica McNamee) and Abby (Jessica Marais)
PS - Wonky images again because I can't work out how to resize them! Sorry...