Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Beg Your Pardon

I never promised you a rose garden.

That's what my ms would say to me if it could talk. Actually, to be honest, I think it'd call me every name under the sun.

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm having ms love issues. It is like a rogue child, and funny that, since it has a working title called The Prodigal Daughter.

My poor CP's have heard me rant on like a mad woman possessed by nutty writers syndrome (NWS) for far too long and I'm sure they'd be just as glad to see the bugger sent off as I will. And I am trying, oh so desperately to find the love that I once had for my hero and heroine, for their story and for their HEA.

So I ask of you - how do you find the love when all seems dead and gone?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Cupcake & 5-5-5

Last month the lovely Lacey Devlin nominated me for a happy cupcake award. And yes, I am a slacker because it's taken me this long to come up with ten things that make me happy. So here they are:
1. My girls - as cheeky as they can be, I love them to bits.
2. My hubby - as cheeky as he can be, I love him to bits.
3. Light bulb or aha! moments when writing - love when all the pieces of the puzzle slot nicely together.
4. Reading a good book on a rainy day - actually reading a good book, period.
5. Coffee (more on this later).
6. Ice cream (again, more on this later).
7. Travelling. I LOVE flying - the longer the flight the better! (um only if I'm travelling business class).
8. A glass of a good Aussie red, wine that is.
9. Ticking something off my looooooonnnng to do list. Will get there one day!
10. Watching a good movie - esp if it has a HEA ending!

And yesterday, the ever so talented Jackie Ashenden nominated me for the 5-5-5. Five questions, five answers, five blogs. My answers are no where near as interesting as others, but here goes:

Question 1: Where were you 5 years ago?
1. Working in a mega stressful job travelling a total of three hours (round trip) to work - So not going back there again.
2. Planning what would end up being our last holiday before kids. Went to Bali, loved it.
3. Going to the gym three times a week (whatever happened to those days?).
4. Thinking of moving to France (for hubby's work).
5. Thinking of doing my masters in Commerce (hahahaha).

Question 2: What was on your to do list today.
1. Get kidlets fed and out the door by 8am (was out by 8:05am).
2. Have my 'me time' at my local cafe with the latest book I'm reading (a very good Blaze by Sarah Mayberry BTW).
3. Write 5,000 words (have another 1,800, but hey, the night is young).
4. Feed kidlets nutritious dinner (does pasta bake count?).
5. Get kidlets in bed by 7:30pm to get number 3 done (Got them in at 7:40pm, not bad.).

Question 3: What 5 snacks do you enjoy.
1. Coffee (the smell of it, the taste of it!)
2. Ice cream (especially chocolate or honey macadamia, yummmm!)
3. Apple cinnamon muffins.
4. Lemon lime tarts.
5. And as long as we counting drinks as snacks - red wine (hey, Jackie had chocolate martini's!)

Question 4: 5 Places you've lived. Ok, in the interest of not writing Sydney 5 times or listing 5 suburbs I've lived in, I'm breaking the rules (yep I'm a rebel!) and saying 'lived' means somewhere you have been for at least a week:
1. Sydney (had to put it in)
2. Paris (sigh, one of the best weeks of my life)
3. Honolulu (if only)
4. Phuket (if only I could remember it)
5. Denpasar, Bali (again, if only I could remember it)

Question 5: 5 things you'd do if you were a billionaire. I'm gonna get heavy cause number one is something close to my heart.
1. Find a cure for autism. It should NOT exist.
2. Find a cure for alzheimer’s.
3. Find a cure for dementia.
4. Find a cure for cancer.
5. Eradicate world hunger (or at least put a mighty dent in it).

As for the nominations, well I'm going to be lazy here and say - if you haven't been nominated as yet, then consider yourself tagged!