Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Jumping on the NV bandwagon

Ok - so I'm very late, pretty much just scraped in but I've just uploaded my chapter for the New Voices comp. It's called Sex and Sin City and it's set in, yep, you guessed it, fabulous Las Vegas.

Head on over to New Voices and have a read if you are not already brain fired.


  1. Congratulations Janette, read it, loved it and gave you lots of roses x

  2. Your lovely chapter rocks, Janette. And so do you. :-)

  3. Thanks gals! Cannot beleive I've sybjected myself to two lots of NTAI... WHAT was I thinking??

  4. Hey Janette!

    LOVED the chapter and planted you a bouquet of roses. :o)

    (although I officially hate those little pink roses - aren't they a nightmare?)

    Lots of luck.x

  5. Thanks Joanne - yep hate those little things!