Monday, March 8, 2010

Shoot Me Now

I've been wallowing in my revisions for a while now (6 weeks, but who's counting) and all the time thinking how much easier to be to work on a new project. Well the age old saying of 'Careful what you wish for' couldn't be more appropriate because I have a new project.

Sort of.

Last year I had a couple of entries for the Presents contest. One was a Modern Heat entry (my targeted line) and the other one is way more Modern. I sent the Modern Heat entry off, and of course, it got nowhere, but that was fine cause in retrospect, it was total garbage. My other contender, the Modern I sent off to the Romance Writer's of Australia as my entry for their mentoring program - 5 Day Intensive. A workshop where an aspiring writer is paired up with a published author who provides critique on their manuscript.

I got word this morning that I got offered a place in the workshop. Am very excited that I have been given this opportunity, especially since this will be the inaugural intensive manuscript development workshop.

But I am also scared - big time. Why? Well I've only written three chapters of my manuscript (working title - The Prodigal Daughter) and I am only up to chapter 8 of my Modern Heat rewrites/revisions (working title Hot Nights). I have nine weeks to complete The Prodigal Daughter to my mentor and four weeks to complete and ship off Hot Nights to the ed I'm working with, so another 10 hours added to my day for a couple of months wouldn't go astray. Do you reckon if I stare at a pic of my hero's (the yummy Josh Duhmel as Tom and the scrummy Hugh Dancy as Adam) these manuscripts will just magically write themselves?
Argh! Shoot me now!


  1. SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you and soooooooooo jealous that I couldn't apply. This is gonna be such a fantastic opportunity. Cannot wait to hear how it goes.

    NOW... stop reading these comments and get writing girl!

  2. LOL - Yeah. I'm blogging and surfing the net when I should be writing... Like I don't have anything to do.

  3. Staring at Josh and Hugh really couldn't hurt...

    P.S. CONGRATS!!!!